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name: jess
age: 18
favorite drink: water! and tea haha
favorite food: anything spicey
favorite movie:  lord or the rings or butterfly effect!
favorite tv show: that 70's show/family guy
musical preference (names of artists, genre, and so on)::i like to much to hard to choice just one everything from oldies,dance music,punk,80s,and old rap
three best qualities outgoing,sweet,my eyes?
three worst qualities: shy,tall,my nails
what's the biggest mistake you've ever made?:  well all of them are bit tp personal!! but i took my friends side over my boyfriend and then after i heard my boyfriend was right and i lost my boyfriend :(  not friends with them girls anymore either.....
what's your opinion on the new-found success of jojo?: whats jojo sorry?
what do you think of american idol?: its good i only really got in to it this year!! and the girl that i want to win at first!! she won so im happy haha :p
if you could spend one day with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why: i thinks my dads mom because i heard from all of my family how much of a party aniamal she was and a very smart, deep person she always new just what to say.. i never met her and i heard shes lot like me inside and out. so that would be cool for me anyways haha!
picture (REQUIRED):

haha yah hope u like! :)


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