__karenlucy (__karenlucy) wrote in beauty_queens,

Application here:
name: lucy
age: 15
favorite drink: water
favorite food: pasta
favorite movie: anything ashton!
favorite tv show: american idol and american juniors
musical preference (names of artists, genre, and so on): i'm into everything really - a big fan of r&b though.. i love alicia keys and missy elliot.
three best qualities: i'm funny, caring, and loud
three worst qualities: my eyebrows, my teethm and uhh.. my short attention span
what's the biggest mistake you've ever made?: haha well... on christmas eve this past year, i was jumpin on a trampoline with all of my friends and broke my ankle.. haha, i spent about a month or two in that dang cast ... and on painkillers
what's your opinion on the new-found success of jojo?: she's cool, i guess. wish it could be me, but hey that's how things work... you either make it or you don't.
what do you think of american idol?: i absolutely love it... i'm so glad fantasia won!
if you could spend one day with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why: justin timberlake... because he's freakin' hot.
picture (REQUIRED): Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
haha alright i hope i worked this thing right
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