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Application here:
name: Kristin
favorite drink: Umm I'm sick of Sprite and Sierra and any lemon lime right now , so either pink lemonade or Fanta.
favorite food: Pasta// Italian
favorite movie: Um...Mean Girls
favorite tv show:Real World San Diego
musical preference (names of artists, genre, and so on): Christina Aguilera! Kelly Clarkson's cool. I don't have a genre but it's like pop music..
three best qualities: Friendly, nice, and I'm always ready to do whatever.. I guess
three worst qualities: I get jealous easily, I don't listen to criticism, and sometimes people walk all over me.
what's the biggest mistake you've ever made?: I'venever really made "big mistakes" but I feel bad when I make people sad for some reason.
what's your opinion on the new-found success of jojo?: I like her song alot, and she deserves it from that song. Time will tell if she will be a one hit wonder.
what do you think of american idol?: I like it alot. I'm getting kinda sick of it though.
if you could spend one day with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why: Well instead of famous people which would be ultra cool I would pick my friend Jackie because she was such a sweet little cutie and I really miss her.
picture (REQUIRED):

<- on the left
<--the one in the yellow with the little kid sitting on me
<-- left again

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