Hope.Marie (lessxthanthreex) wrote in beauty_queens,


Name: Hope Marie
Age: Seventeen
Favorite Drink: Sweet tea!
Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers... I really love those things, but not the fast food, the real southern home-cooked burgers.
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing! I love Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray.
Favorite TV Show:The OC would have to be it...but it used to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Musical Preference: I am all for southern rock, classic rock, hard rock, metal, and just any type of rock. My favorite bands are Story of the Year, Def Leppard, Nickleback, 38 Special, and the Ataris.
Three Best Qualities: I'm very creative and usually with a good sense of humor (I was named Most Creative as the Senior Superlative), I am very optimistic, and I am always there for others (usually putting others before myself).
Three Worst Qualities: I'm rash and impatient sometimes, I find myself a tad-bit 'violent'(as in throwing around stuffed animals and things in my room) when I'm really mad, and I sometimes don't things serious enough.
What's the biggest mistake you've ever made?: My biggest mistake is falling in love with the one boy I don't know if I can ever have.
What's your opinion on the new-found success of Jojo?: She's a sweet (little) girl..(our high school newspaper did some work with her company) but she's young...who knows what success actually will lead her.
What do you think of american idol?: I am an addict...I'll admit it, though I didn't like second season. Also, this season, I really liked Amy (like Nikki in first season). As well, I do wish Diana would have one...she is a very nice person and she sings very well (we sang at a choir competition this year and I got the chance to meet her).
If you could spend one day with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why: I'd like to spend the day with my grandfather who I never got the chance to meet...and find out all about my family's history.
(A regular shot!)
(This picture was when I won Homecoming Princess and my date Steven)
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your an american idol addict.
you like diana.
you MET diana?!

now let me ask you this..
what do you think of camile velasco?
I liked her...at times. Sometimes she really didn't do that good (and I'm becoming a music major..so I kept basing it around vocal stuff)..BUT! first and foremost, I liked her. And I adore your icon.

yeah yeah, and Diana is younger than me...and she's very nice in person. We were at this singing competition for our school choirs (her school is well was since I graduated but they are our rival).. we've seen each other around a few times!
YOUR SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so, are you a really good singer then?
Well, I'm no Diana! but I am really good. I'm looking to be a professional choir teacher one day...I don't think I'd have the guts to go..global..heh.
wow thats awesome!! It's a yes from me.
you're an AI addict.............

ME TOO!!!!
i sound like a loser, i'm really not. i swear.
yes you are.
Heh, thanks!
And you're not a loser...that would make me a loser..well, maybe I am one too...
wowoowow yes
Thank ya lots! I'd be happy to do some promoting in my journal and other communities.
Ahh. I love this community already..it's too cute.