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Found an invitation in my older LJ.

name: Gabi
age: 19
favorite drink: Sex on the Beach
favorite food: Italian and Chinese
favorite movie: The Butterfly Effect
favorite tv show: Friends & Will and Grace
musical preference (names of artists, genre, and so on): Anything from my pop mood: Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson to punk rockish Evanescence and LostProphets
three best qualities: Very honest, Athletic (cheerleading, tennis, soccer, & gymnastics), and I'm genuine/unique. I don't conform because it's easy.
three worst qualities: Often too trusting, A bit of a perfectionist, and I can be a bitch.
what's the biggest mistake you've ever made?: Moving from Miami to North Carolina. I should've never left with my parents.
what's your opinion on the new-found success of jojo?: First time I ever saw her was in the video for her new single and it annoyed me. Heard the song on the radio and I sadly admit that it's catchy. Still not into her though.
what do you think of american idol?: A lot of my friends are into it, but I'm not. One of my best friends from college knows Clay Aiken though. She's from Raleigh and he was her manager at the Youth center or something she worked at.
if you could spend one day with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why: I lost my absolute best friend last October. If I had the chance, I'd spend just one more day with her because I lost her at a time where there were differences between us. Before I knew it, she was gone and there was no way of taking back things said. Very cliche, but I wish I had one more day to apologize.
picture (REQUIRED):

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